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            Real Estate Tips : BUYER     SELLER

4 Critical Credit Tips

4 Reasons You Should Use a Buyer’s Agent to Buying a Home

5 Reasons to Purchase a Home Soon

5 Surprising Missteps That Sabotage Mortgage-Seekers

5 things you should know about your credit score

5 Unbelievably simple DIY home fixes

5 Home Improvement Projects to Avoid

5 ways to add color to your kitchen

5 Things To Ask at an Open House

6 Tips when shopping for a neighborhood


7 Tips to Help your Offer stand out from the crowd

8 Things Not To Do when You Want to Buy The House


9 Ways Buyers Can Accidentally Disqualify Their Loan Before Closing

10 Reasons to Hire an Agent 

10 Home Buying Mistakes

10 overlooked questions

10 quick & easy kitchen updates

10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Applying for a Mortgage

As a Senior, can you carry forward your property's current assessed value to new replacement home?

Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

Buy vs Rent

Buyer's Closing Cost

Buyer's Checklist

Buyer's Checklist 2

Buyer's Resources

Buy a second home, rent your old one

Buying a for a condo

California Homeowners : Know Your Rights

Competitively Pricing Your Home

Carbon Monoxide

Closing Cost : Sellers

Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

Common Home Buyer Expenses

Compromise - isn't always key

Deposit - will you lose it if escrow is cancelled?

Credit Score - Prepare yours to obtain the mortgage!!

Disclose Neighborhood crime

Difference between CONDO & SFR

Do's & Don'ts of selling your home in Fall

Do's & Don'ts of selling & buying at the same time

Encumbrance on Title

Enhance Your Curb Appeal 

Extend the life of your roof

Evicting Section 8 tenants

Final walk-through / verification

Fix that house !

Firework Safety Guide

First time land-lord tips

FHA property qualification standards

For Sale By Owner

Foreigners Buying Home in The US

Free Annual Credit Reports

Get Your Purchase Offer Accepted

Get your residential properties rent ready

Heat Safety Tips

Home Improvements that Pay You Back

Home Buying Process tips

Home Buyer’s Checklist

Home selling process

Home Search Tool

Home Security Systems

How to Choose a Home

How will you know if there is problems with the home you want to buy?

How to be the Most Attractive Homebuyer

How to Negotiate After a Home Inspection

How to Find Out Your Home’s History

How To Prepare Your House For Sale

How to time your home sale

How to Pest-Proof your Home

Identity theft protection tips

Impound Payments

Impound Account , what is that?

Income Property Brokerage ( IPB)

It's a great time to buy income property

Is the Price Right for your home ?

Let us Manage your property

Luxury Home Buyer's Guide To Getting A Mortgage

Looking at a Home like a House Inspector

Loan Pre-Approvals - What Is It

Making an Offer

Mortgage application smarts

Mortgage Pre-approval - Why Every Home Buyer Needs It

Mortgage Rates

My Deposit: will I lose it if escrow cancelled?

New Homeowner To-Do List

Painlessly painting your home's exterior

Paying Down a Mortgage

Pay off your mortgage sooner

Protect yourself & Avoid FRAUD

Protect your equity with a Declaration of Homestead

Property Tax Calendar

Property Tax Due ( 04/10)

Prime Your Home for Protection

Reasons to hire a Real Estate Agent

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage ( benefits)

Renovations : Dos VS Don'ts

Remodeling Revisited

Seller's Closing Cost

Sellers Know How

Sell Your Home Fast And For Top Dollar 

Selling Your Home With an Agent VS. On Your Own

Quick & Easy ways to Add Curb Appeal

Short Sale : What You Need to Know

Shopping for a Condo

Shopping for a contractor

Sink or Swim

Solar panels : pros & cons

Steps to sell your house

Stay safe this holiday season

Summer Move

Summer Heat

Tax breaks for first-time homeowners

Tips To Avoid Being Burglarized This Summer

Tips for your patio

Tips for filing taxes

Title Insurance

The Best Renovations For Your Money

The Most Wanted Listed

The Perfect Home Buyer’s Checklist

The Drawbacks of Overpricing  

Top Seller Mistakes

To ask when buying a home

What is Mello-Roos ?

When to replace your roof

What to do Before You Buy a House

What duties does buyer's agent owe buyer?

What to do Before You Sell Your House

What to Know About Home Appraisals

What is a Homestead

What is arbitration?

What are contingencies provisions? Do You Need them?

What are encumbrances on title

What's the difference between a Trust Deed & Promissory note

What Every First Time Buyer Should Know

What happens if your home listing expires

What happens when the Buyer or Seller breaches ?

What you may not know about the Good Faith Estimate (GFE)

Why Good Credit Scores Are so Important When Purchasing a Home

Working with an Appraiser to Get the Best Value for Your Home

Understanding How a FICO credit score is determinded

Understanding Your Contractor