Get Your Short Sales Closed!



Is the Red Tape of Short Sale Negotiating taking up all your time?

We make every effort to collect short sale fees from the corresponding lender.

Our Fees are Simple: .5% of the final sales price or $1,995.00, whichever is greater.

We collect all pertinent short sale documentation to submit to the lender for approval. 

We negotiate with the lenders to receive the FASTEST short sale approvals while maintaining your clients best interests. 

We offer honesty, professionalism, and years of real estate experience.

We will negotiate your short sale while you still earn your commissions!

Take the headache out of negotiating short sales and do what you do best…Sell Real Estate



We are a foreclosure mitigation company that assists homeowners, buyers and real estate professionals in the California Real Estate Industry. Our primary goal is to take the hard work and stress of dealing with short sale lenders away from real estate professionals and allow them to continue marketing themselves and their services. If you are a real estate professional and are dealing with someone who is facing foreclosure; We may just be the solution you have been looking for.

We have developed a proprietary process to negotiate with banks on the behalf of homeowners and real estate agents to significantly increase the likelihood that the short sale is accepted. 



How we work:

We provide Consistent and Continuous updates as to each and every benchmark reached, as well as the ability to contact us after 5 PM during the week and anytime during the weekend.

We also provide full Title and Escrow services through our strong business partnerships. We will coordinate every aspect of the short sale from the time of Negotiation to Consummation.

We have a combined 75 years in real estate, mortgage lending, title knowledge, closing facilitation, and negotiating experience. We work closely with lenders, realtors, buyers, and sellers to ensure every step is taken to clearly and accurately complete the short sale transaction.


Phone:  (714) 202-2800
Fax:      (206) 666-5621